We have been slowly renovating this 121 year old home for the past four years. This however is not our first rodeo, as a family we have renovated three old homes and I figured it was about time to document it. So what is The Black House on the Corner? When we moved into our home one of the first things we did was paint the exterior black. As we were meeting our neighbors I found myself saying we are in the black house on the corner and tada a name was born. 


Renovate, Decorate, Repeat

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Home to me and my family is first and foremost our landing place and safe haven. I have dreamed of owning my own home and by proxy decorating. . .

home is where the heart is

I mean technically its Scotties Facial Tissue and Genevieve Gorder that are back again with another design collaboration for this holiday season. . .

omg we're back again

As promised I’m linking up all the sources for our master closet reno! So without futher ado… First lets breakdown the closet island. . .

all the dirty deets

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